Some Advice on Writing a Dating Profile

What is going to capture the attention of a potential date or the person of your dreams using an online dating site, could it be your personal profile that captures their attention? If you are to be successful in your online dating endeavors than writing an effective profile is of utmost importance.

You will find that most online dating sites will give you tips to help you write a more effective profile. Prior to writing your profile you should be aware as to what you are seeking in a potential partner or even a friend.

Sometimes it is to your benefit to talk to a friend and ask for advice as to how you should write your profile. It isn’t necessary that you take their advice but it is guidance as to how you should write your profile to attract that perfect match.

When creating your profile remember that an online dating profile remember it includes a username, a headline, information about yourself and a photograph.

Create a username for yourself that is unique and that reveals an attractive aspect of your personality.

Your headline should contain a brief phrase about yourself and what you are seeking and should as well be lively and cheerful. Remember that the human eye generally rests for three seconds so you only have those three seconds to capture your potential mate’s attention.

Some other tips that you should keep in mind are as follows.

1 Never copy others profiles.

2 You definitely should be honest about your height, weight and complexion.

3 Avoid any negatives in your profile.

4 You should write as if you are talking face to face with your dream date.

5 Keep the profile length appropriate so your dream date thirsts for more.

6 Speak freely and honestly about your values and interests.

7 See that your language is vibrant as well as being humorous.

8 Make sure that your profile is free of errors.

Studies as well show that profiles that have photos generate 80% more response than those that don’t have photos. Make sure that your photo is recent and remember to smile.

If you follow the above guidelines in creating your personal profile you will more than likely be successful in finding your dream date or future partner.

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