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I am an ordinary Ukrainian girl, as I think. Frankly speaking, I hate describing myself. My parents say that I have a bad temper and I can be naughty.

But my friends are not agree with this opinion and they consider that I am a merry and cool girl. You know, I also can be in a bad mood, but it happens not too often. I like traveling (in youth everybody enjoy it), adventures, nature, painting, football, fishing, listening to ‘Ariya’, red roses and dark chocolate. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite animal is tiger. I guess, I rambled enough. It is not a secret that every girl dreams about the Prince. It`s a pity there are little of them, so the girls should marry the ordinary man. That`s why I`d like my husband thinks about me firstly not about his career or the broken car. It is noticed when people live from meeting to meeting there is love between them but when they marry the plates can fly. And, of course, he must remember the date of my birthday.

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