Do you spend the night after a hookup: best Casanova tips

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The definition one-night-stand is quite uncertain. Everyone knows there’s no breakfast included, but the time of saying goodbye varies from the midnight till the very late morning after the long sleep.

The experienced hookupers are saying though, if both casual partners are sober and full of energy, staying overnight should be filled with rough sex but not with tenderness or the trustful talks.

“If a girl is too hot, I can certainly stay until the morning, but it’s only for the intense intercourse”, Dave shares. “When I’m not done, I need to have her again and again until the full satisfaction.

Make sure you aren’t spending that time together for expressing the emotions though, or for building the unnecessary friendship. If you get sentimental, better leave immediately after quick sex”.

“I am staying longer for the night only when I’m sure about my recent potential”, Victor says. “If a chick is really horny and I am not exhausted after working day, I don’t mind to hookup for hours.

But that’s also why I always keep some remedies or energetic drinks with me to not embarrass myself. It’s better to have a guarantee you’ll perform in a bed like a pro”.

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